• SUSAN HILLER: Resounding

    Summerhall, Edinburgh, Scotland

    Susan Hiller’s Resounding will feature in a solo show at Summerhall as part of the Edinburgh Festival. This new work combines sound frequencies and visual patterns translated from radio waves emitted by the Big Bang with a series of eye-witness accounts of extraterrestrial phenomena referencing cosmology, dreams and contemporary visionary experiences.

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  • Alex Katz

    The Whitney Museum and The High Line, New York, USA

    Alex Katz is the inaugural artist in a long term public art collaboration between The Whitney Museum and The High Line, opening mid July. A scaled-up digital print of Katz’s 2012 previously unseen painting, Katherine and Elizabeth, will be installed on Horatio Street, at the southern end of The High Line. Katz has a long history with the Whitney, and New York public art – most recently, reproductions of his work replaced advertisements atop more than 150 New York City taxicabs as part of the Art Production Fund’s Art Adds programme.

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  • JOSEPHINE MECKSEPER: Taipei Biennial 2014

    Taipei, Taiwan

    Curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, Taipei Biennial 2014 is expected to present a wide spectacle consisting of an exhibition, film screenings, live performances, talks, readings, conferences, publications and other special events at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and at other art spaces and public spaces throughout the city.

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  • SIMON HANTAI: Hantaï

    The Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, Hungary

    The Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art presents the first major exhibition of Simon Hantaï‘s work in Hungary, the country of his birth. The large-scale retrospective surveys the key aspects and periods within Hantaï‘s oeuvre from his early paintings executed in Hungary, through to his final works.

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